Who? What? Why am I here?

You're probably here to get information about Marco Ferreira. So here it goes...

Marco Ferreira is an old-fashioned guy who apparently still doesn't believe in well conceived and popular sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to disclosure information about himself. Maybe it is a trust or privacy thing, I don't know.

Is there any *useful* information here?

No. Not really. At least for the moment. We'll see how this site evolves in the future.

What an ugly site!

Yep. I know. But hey, if you want to design a beautiful website for free, I'm ready to use it. Also, this is a work in progress, as you can easily notice by the non-working status of the navigation buttons above. And let's face it. It is not that bad! You should've seen the previous iteration of this site. Now THAT was ugly!

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